Atelier "Convergence des médias autour des Communs" (16-19 octobre, Villarceaux)

Un atelier de convergences des médias autour des Communs (dont le présent Forum) aura lieu du 16 au 19 Octobre à Villarceaux (région parisienne). Le sujet est un peu technique mais @MaiaDereva et moi même y assisterons.

Si vous avez des questions à ce sujet n’hésitez pas à les poser dans le fil de discussion

Dear friends and commoners

We cordially invite you to join us for a special gathering on October 16-19 2017 at Villarceaux near Paris, France for a strategic meeting to define and implement tools of convergence between the media dedicated to the commons.

Commons culture and communication initiatives are now numerous in Europe and in the world: Remix the commons, P2P Foundation, Transformap, Wikimedia Commons, Radio Cause Commune, TV en comu (Barcelona), Les communs d’abord, Laboratorio Procomún, Zemos98, Krytyka Polityczna,,, Pixelache, etc.

Over the last three years, exchanges and collaborations between groups carrying out these cultural actions and media have opened a process of strategic, political and technical convergence. This has resulted in for example:

  • the development of semantic connection devices for resources on the commons by Remix the commons (2014/2017)
  • the cooperation of the mapping systems for the commons and alternatives including SSE organizations with the leadership of Transformap. A meeting took place at Firenze in April 2017.
  • the expression of a charter of values ​​and principles for the media platforms on the commons started at the Commons Space within WSF Montréal in August 2016 :
  • the networking of European cultural actors through different programs such as Action for the Commons by European Cultural Fondation (2014/2016);

In this context, Remix the commons, P2P Foundation and SavoirsCom1 propose to organize a strategic meeting on media convergence for the commons. We believe that the collaboration of the media and the cultural initiatives for the commons can form an eco-system to develop the culture of the commons. The objective of this gathering is to strengthen the links between projects and initiatives by aligning development strategies, sharing action plans, sharing skills and pooling communication infrastructures.

This meeting aims in particular to design, develop and implement technical devices based on the semantic web techniques, with a view to interconnecting existing resources on the commons and the and the commons movement (websites, databases, maps …) and with the main structuring databases of the Web (DBPedia, WorldCat, VIAF, Wikidata, OSM, …). This work aims for to make the and the commons movement more visible to the users of the Web. The program will be co-elaborated by the participants with an intercultural perspective.

Save the date and join the meeting !

Who will be there? The gathering will host a maximum of 20 participants (including the organizers). We invite you because you are interested and already involved in the commons as cultural or media activist and know semantic web techniques. We invite you to suggest initiatives and people that are not already invited, you consider should be part of this gathering. (See the list below)

Fees, Travel and Accommodation are covered. Fondation For the human progress (FPH) will support the travel costs in Europ and the accomodation in the farm of Villarceaux (ecocenter). Concrete information will be shared when you confirm your participation.

Please get back to us to let us know if you are available or interested as soon as possible and before the 29 of September. You can do so by replying to this email.

We welcome your questions and feedback.

The organization team,
Frédéric Sultan, Yves Otis, Stacco Troncoso, Lionel Maurel,

I have just seen the message in the forum and I hope I’m not late too respond. Right now, I work as a Research Fellow at Locating Media Grad prog of University of Siegen. I have a research project focusing on Digital Interface and Platforms Convergence of Urban Commons. Would really like to participate in the meeting. Hope to hear from you asap- All best

The PAD is here:

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