Semaine internationale des communs

As part of the IASC-organised World Commons week, there are many events on throughout the world that you can participate in remotely - or locally - the full list is here if you’ve not already seen it.

There are two webinars on today that you might like to join

1500 Central European Time

Michel Bauwens - a decade of p2p and commons activism

This will be an interview with researcher and theorist Michel Bauwens on the evolution commons activism - in particular in relation to cities.

Please register to attend via zoom by followng this link.

There will be time for questions after 35 minutes.

The second, at 1730 CET is coming from Naples

Emerging Commons in the Urban Context, Commoning and Culture for Civic Participation”, which can be followed live at the Cinema Hall of L’Asilo . Introduction and moderation by Giuseppe Micciarelli (Università degli studi di Salerno). Keynote speakers: Benjamin Coriat (Université Paris 13), Massimo De Angelis (University of East London), Pascal Gielen (University of Antwerp – Culture Commons Quest Office). Following, Giacomo D’Alisa (University of Coimbra), Raquel Guerra (University of Barcelona), Nonty Ntokozo Charity Sabic (Nonty Charity Sabic), Maria Francesca De Tullio (University of Napoli Federico II – University of Antwerp), Ana Sofia Acosta Alvarado (Université Paris 13).

Zoom link is here

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Password: commons

More info here on all the activities in Naples this week

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